Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kippalong Redux-How Do I...?

It's really been gratifying and fun to see how many people are interested in my Basic Knit Kippah pattern. Thanks for knitting it!

For anyone who might need some visuals, I've now included in the Kippalong photoset on flickr a series of "how to" photos. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to go to that photo in the set.

End of the knit round knitted after completing the garter mosaic stitch pattern Moving the Marker to the right needle... The working yarn moves from "back" to "front" Making sure that the yarn is still  between these stitches... Transferring the wrapped stitch to the right needle Wrapped and Turned-Ready to Rock 'n Roll! The first SSK after wrapping and turning Inside out kippah Starting the final decreasing on the crown SSKing the entire last round Last 6 stitches still on the double pointed needles Onto a Chibi they go! Finished-Wrong side out Finished-Right side out Just the ends to weave in Deja View

The rest of the Kippalong posts can be found here.

Enjoy the pattern!