Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween 2005

Knitting gone wrong, so very wrong. (hat tip Boing Boing)

I could be dead wrong, but I thought those were actually kinda cute.

Here are more links to keep you busy between doorbell rings:

  • - everything from stepping on a crack and breaking your mother's back to black cats.

  • Ben & Jerry's - a trip to the Flavor Graveyard is a must! Scream Savers too!

  • Anita's Origami - All her origami is amazing, and the Halloween ones are unique. (The paper! The paper! The paper!)

  • Halloween Stuff from HP - everything from trick-or-treat bags to T-shirts. Lots of cute ideas.

  • The Toy Maker - Vintage style paper crafts.

  • Carve a Virtual Pumpkin (Flash Plug-in required), but alas, no pumpkin seeds to roast. (My mouth just started to water. Israeli "white seeds" just don't cut it.)

Happy Haunting! (Yes, I know I'm posting this a bit early. I figure if anyone actually wants to make their own Halloween crafts, a few days head start couldn't hurt.)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Knitting? I seem to remember what that is ...

Actually, I've not been knitting or writing or blogging or doing anything all that much -- it seems that the "Pain in the Hands" virus must be making it's merry way around the 'net, as I've been afflicted with it, too. In my case, the problem is in my neck and shoulders, and not actually in the hands, but the pain is real and tiring no matter where it starts.

I went to the Needlework Show in Toronto (Canada) yesterday, where I took a workshop with Fiona Ellis (which I thoroughly enjoyed) called "Funky Fair Isles" -- we looked at photos of the urban landscape in order to inspire us to chart out a FI pattern. Oddly enough, by the time mine was done, it ended up looking like something out of Poetry in Stitches, more Traditional than Urban Funky.

But it was an interesting experience, and Ellis is an excellent teacher.

Then I did a stint in the booth of the Downtown Knit Collective (Toronto guild which I'm not currently a member of, since I don't live in Toronto and it's hard to get to meetings, but to which I still have a lot of ties), and and was reminded that I actually enjoyed helping knitters out with problems and whatnot. Which got me thinking about teaching again -- but what to teach? Apparently what is most in demand at the DKC are either Very Advanced workshops (Not Me), and One-Hour Workshops -- things that can be taught in an hour, as opposed to the traditional three or six (Possibly Me).

So I appeal to you all -- what are some ideas of good,useful things that knitters might want to learn that can actually be taught in an hour? Some things take longer, and a few things take only a few minutes. This will give me something to mull over while I'm busy Not Knitting.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

so, what's everyone knitting?

On The Needles
one (1) fingerless glove
one (1) Trendsetter Dune scarf

Oh, did I mention David's sweater?
That's becoming a joke around here, isn't it?

Actually, unfortunately, for the first time, my hands ache when I knit. And since I earn my living using my hands (playing the violin) and I have an important recital in less than a week, I've put my knitting on hold for awhile.

At least I finished this before the pains set in...
for jenna
...knit with my favorite, Noro Kureyon.

I'll have to knit vicariously through you!

So, what're you knitting?